2021-2022 RGSD District Surveys

Communication Surveys

For Parents/Guardians of Current (or Recent) RGSD Students

Communications Survey for Parents

For Community Members Who Do Not Have Children Attending RGSD Schools

Communications Survey for Community (Non Parents)

Dear Riverview Gardens School District Community,

The Riverview Gardens School District is striving to improve communication with our community and stakeholders. The Communications Office is currently developing a comprehensive communications plan to ensure that RGSD effectively communicates to our families, students, employees, community members and other RGSD stakeholders. In order to ensure that our plan represents and addresses the needs of the RGSD community, we need your help.

We have created a communications survey to help create a snapshot of the communications needs of the District. The survey asks what we do well, what areas need the most improvement, how you prefer to receive communication from RGSD, your personal experiences with your local schools and more. We are seeking direct feedback from the community because your voice matters!

Each RGSD school has its own survey for parents and guardians. If you have multiple children in the District, we would love for you to complete a survey for each school where you have a child attending. Please select the school(s) your child attended during the 2020-2021 school year.

Parent Survey

If you do not wish to fill out multiple surveys, the final question listed will provide you an opportunity to share your thoughts about other schools where you have children.

There is a separate survey for community members and stakeholders without active students in RGSD.

Community Survey

As we strive to achieve #RiverviewExcellence in all facets, we understand that effective, two-way communication is key. We are asking all RGSD stakeholders to take the time to share their thoughts, opinions and experiences so that we can better serve the RGSD community.

Please share this information with others who can help us grow.