Riverview Gardens Parents and Guardians,

This letter serves as notice to parents and guardians of the District's compliance to Section 162.084 Revised Statutes of Missouri - RSMO. The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education -  DESE,  produces an Annual Performance Report (APR) for school districts and schools across the state, which will be used to inform accreditation and classification decisions. However, the accreditation/classification of school districts  under Missouri School Improvement  Process- MSIP 6 will begin in the 2023-24 school year. More information regarding MSIP6 can be found on the District website. 

MSIP6 is intended to assure continuous improvement in all schools, while promoting  practices that lead to healthy school systems; and by providing conditions essential to student learning.

As a result, DESE requires school districts to display their Annual Performance Report (APR) rating and the ranking for each of its attendance centers (schools). DESE also requires the district to publish a list of the bottom five percent of scores for all schools in the district. This list can be found on the district  website at www.rgsd.k12.mo.us

It is important to note that RGSD, while making academic gains as indicated on the 2022 APR, the district is still ranked in the bottom five percent of the state based on the report. As a result, you are receiving this letter to inform you the following buildings have been identified as performing in the bottom five percent of all schools in the district:

  • Highland Elementary

  • Lewis & Clark Elementary

  • Danforth Elementary


The following resources are currently in place to address the needs of our scholars:

  • DESE Approved Instructional and Leadership Support to Turnaround/Priority Schools work with Solution Tree

  • Literacy Labs LLC

  • Instructional Coaches

  • Mathematics and Science Coordinators

  • Core Content Curriculum Writing over the summer

  • Literacy Audit

  • Extended Summer Learning Opportunities

  • Freckle

  • Paper Tutoring

  • Restorative Practices


Should you have any questions and or require additional information, please contact the following individuals:

Dr. Stacey Nichols, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction,


314-869-2505 ext. 20120


 Ms. Barbara Sharp, Executive Director for Continuous Improvement and Title IX (Turnaround/Priority Schools)


314-869-2505 ext. 20126


In closing, we take the teaching and learning of our scholars seriously and are intent on ensuring they get a quality education for every child every day.





Joylynn Pruitt-Adams, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

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APR Continuous Improvement
Scoring MSIP 6 Standards