Human Resources

Thank you for interest in Riverview Gardens School District where there's a new view on the horizon and learning is required!

The focus of the Human Resources Department is to select the best professionals to serve and support our students in their educational quest. We strive to support our professionals throughout their time with RGSD from the moment they are hired through retirement. Every child and every employee is important to us. Everything we do is based upon what is best for our scholars.

Our Human Resources staff brings a wealth of knowledge and diverse experiences, which allows each member to contribute to the rebirth of excellence in our district and community.

RGSD is committed to recruiting, hiring and retaining employees of various backgrounds and experiences to provide rewarding educational opportunities for our children. We know that every position within the district, including our secretaries, facilities staff, food service, and security team, directly relates to the educational successes of our children.

Our district has one high school, two middle schools, nine elementary schools, and an early childhood center. Our community is supportive and involved in the success of our students, teachers and all staff.

Everyone here is dedicated, hardworking, focused and willing to do what is best for children. Does this sound like you? Does RGSD sound like a place you'd like to work? If so, please visit our job openings and apply.

We look forward to sharing this journey to excellence with you!
Travis Ford Sr.

Travis Ford, Sr.

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources / Title IX Coordinator

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Travis Ford, Sr.
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources

314-869-2505  Ext:20103

Christina Claxton

Administrative Assistant

314-869-2505  Ext:20107

Jennifer Williams
Human Resources Manager

  314-869-2505  Ext:20106

Sheri Green
Human Resources Staffing Coordinator
314-869-2505  Ext:20105

Alisha Greene
Substitute/Leave Coordinator

314-869-2505  Ext:20104

Antwon Blakemore


314-869-2505  Ext:20146