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Riverview Gardens School District

Volunteer Responsibilities and Guidelines 


  1. Complete the necessary paperwork required to become a volunteer.
  2. Attend an orientation training session before doing volunteer work.
  3. Be prompt and regular in attendance. Notify the school in advance if unable to work at the assigned task.
  4. Sign volunteer time log when you arrive and when you leave. This enables us to record the time contributed by volunteers.
  5. Become familiar with and support the school’s policies and regulations.
  6. It is suggested that you do not work in the classroom where your child is enrolled.
  7. Maintain close contact and communication with the teacher to inform the teacher of progress made or problems encountered concerning assigned tasks.
  8. Ask for additional directions from teachers when clarification of assignments is needed.
  9. Render service according to the process established in the training session



  1. Check in at the main office upon arrival. The building principal needs to know who is on the premises.
  2. Be prompt and regular in attendance.
  3. Find out proper procedures and policies regarding emergencies.
  4. As a volunteer you will be contributing to the image of the school. It will be part of your responsibility to help maintain a positive image and promote the best interest of the school.
  5. You should dress appropriately to reflect your professional commitment to the students.
  6. If personal matters or family problems are discussed with you by students, they should be kept confidential. If such a disclosure causes great concern, it should be discussed only with the building principal.
  7. It is suggested that parents should not be assigned or volunteer to work in the same room with their own child.