RGSD Committed to Safe Learning Environment


Riverview Gardens School District is committed to protecting the physical safety, as well as the social-emotional well-being of our students, staff and community. Due to the recent tragedy at Central Visual & Performing Arts High School, school safety is on the mind of every student, parent and educator. 


The RGSD Safety and Security team is working hard, in collaboration with local law enforcement, to protect all RGSD facilities. School IDs have recently been distributed to all staff, middle and high school students to help quickly identify individuals who belong on school premises, and those who do not. School IDs will be rolled out to elementary scholars in the coming weeks.


The RGSD District Leadership Team recently formed a committee to help address the uptick of fighting and disruptive behavior that is occurring in schools. The committee consists of teachers, school and district administrators and will solicit student and parent input as well. The committee’s goal is to find solutions to combat aggressive and disruptive behavior so that scholars and staff can focus on education instead of behavior.


We ask for our parents to take an active role in helping to ensure that our scholars and staff have a safe learning environment. Please be aware of what your child is bringing to school. Weapons including firearms, toy firearms, knives, pepper spray or other items that can be used to harm others are not allowed on Riverview Gardens School District grounds. These items will be confiscated by security and your child could be referred to local law enforcement authorities if these items are found.


Lastly, the District recently received the Missouri Project AWARE grant, which will help provide approximately $350K per year, through 2026, to help support the mental health of our scholars, staff and community.