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Riverview Gardens School District ::

 Our Beliefs
The district vision and mission are guided by the following belief statements: 

  • We believe the district is accountable for educating all children.
  • We believe parents are the first and primary educators in our students' lives.
  • We believe that the Board of Education makes informed, student-centered decisions that are compliant with state statutes and sensitive to the needs of the community.
  • We believe that student learning needs to be the focus of financial, business and instructional decisions.
  • We believe the educational process is a shared effort demanding the involvement of parents, students, teachers, administrators, and the community.
  • We believe that all students can learn and must be taught effectively with a diverse, challenging and differentiated curriculum supported by technology according to individual needs and differences.
  • We believe that all people have dignity and worth, and must be treated with respect.  Learning values and ethics are important parts of every student's education. 
  • We believe that understanding and acknowledging the value of cultural and individual diversity enriches the learning environment and is essential to a caring society. 
  • We believe that every individual has a right to a safe, healthy and disciplined learning environment where teaching, learning, and working take place.
  • We believe that high expectations and accountability for each staff member and student will result in maximizing learning and success.  All students must be afforded opportunities to express creativity, develop techniques for problem solving, and practice critical thinking skills. 
  • We believe the input and expertise of the entire community are vital to the development of our educational system. 
  • We believe that relevant professional development is essential for all staff to improve student achievement and district operations. 
  • We believe that our students benefit from a variety of learning opportunities to transition from school to adult life. 
  • We believe that students should be prepared to succeed in higher education and/ or career goals.  
  • We believe career education opportunities are vital for our students.
  • We believe that to educate the child fully we must address the social, emotional, academic and physical needs of students. 
  • We believe that community commitment and ownership are essential for the success of the district.